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Here's the list. Running services: 7digital, Alibaba, Amazon (Ads, Cloud, Prime, Sales, Unlimited), Anghami, AWA, Beatport, Bleep, Boomkat, Boomplay, Connect Music (fka Avla), Deezer, GVL, Hardwax, IFPI Sweden, iHeartRadio, iTunes, Juno, KK Box, MediaNet, Netease, Pandora, PlayNetwork, PPL, Public Perfomance Ireland, Qobuz, Rhapsody, JioSaavn, SCPP, SENA, Simim, Slacker, Sound Cloud, SoundExchange, Spotify, Tencent, Tidal, TikTok, Tunecore, UMA, Vevo, Wasabeat, whatpeopleplay, Yandex, Youtube (Adjustment, Music key, Premium, Red).
And ceased but still supported DSPs: Akazoo, Beats Music, BI Music, Cricket, Dubset, Electric Jukebox, eMusic, Google (Locker, Subscription, Trans), Guvera, Muzu, Pulselocker, rara, Rdio, Simfy Africa, Simfy, Sony Music unlimited, Soundtrack Your Brand, Weyv, Yonder, Zik, Zvooq.

Yes, WeConvert keeps track of statement format changes and does support every version. (eg. iTunes 2004 - 2020)

Yes, of course. Once the royalty reports show up in Merlin's Wizard it's a matter of days till these can be processed. At the moment (Q3 2020) WeConvert is expecting Resso and Snap reports to show up.

Yes, as long as the statement revenue can be matched to an revenue item (ISRC, ISWC, barcode). New statement providers get added at no addtional cost.

A Source is the location or account from which WeConvert fetches the statement files. This can be an FTP server or an account based backend of a service.

A Statement is one file (or a set of files) containing sales data for a certain period. For example, an Apple / iTunes statement can contain up to 200 separate files, one each per usage and currency.

The WeConvert export is the final result of WeCovert’s data transformation. Exports can be customized in order to import to the royalty accouting software of your choice seamlessly.

If your royalty accounting software supports automatic transfers of statment exports the destination defines credentials and mapping parameters.

In case your royalty accounting software supports automatic sales imports, auto exports can be defined (using destinations). This is the full auto mode. Sales statements will be processed automatically in your royalty accounting software as they come. Within the auto Export settings you can define export format, currency, etc.

A Multi currency statement relates to more than one payment in different currencies. A popular example is the Spotify statement as issued by Merlin. There are two different approaches to tackle this.
You can split the original statement and get separat exports to process by currency. Alternatively you can assign more than one payment including current conversion rate to one statement.

WeConvert automatically fetches all 150 to 200 single files, no need to spend your time on donwloading these manually any longer. Handle only one sales report file instead of 150 to 200 files matching your Apple/iTunes payment. Don't worry about roll over amounts per territory, adjustment amounts or taxes per territory.

WeConvert processes the multi currency splitting and provides clean exports per currency.

WeConvert automatically fetches all Amazon statement files as they come.

WeConvert processes the multi revenue type splitting (royalty relevant streaming and royalty free performance incomes).

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